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Gazipur School Admission Lottery Result 2024 – Merit & Waiting

Are you searching for Gazipur Govt School admission result 2024 here and there? Don’t you know that the admission process for the govt schools is integrated this year due to the current coronavirus situation? If you don’t know more important information like this, you need to read the complete article to get enlightened on Gazipur govt school admission result.

If you don’t understand all the details completely, show it to your guardians and they will guide you through the right path. Let us take you on a bumpy ride of information where you will learn a lot.

Gazipur School Admission Result 2024

Every year, govt schools distribute application forms for the interested candidates and the candidates need to take an admission test to get selected into govt schools. But due to the changed situation this year, schools aren’t taking any admission test.

Instead, the selection process will be done through an open lottery system which will be held online. More on that later, let us inform you of the highlights of Gazipur govt school admission result for now.

School Lottery Result Published Notice

How To Collect Gazipur School Admission Result?

If you have already applied for govt schools in Gazipur, your application will be scrutinized to check your eligibility and then considered for the online lottery. If everything is correct, the online lottery will be held on the date mentioned above.

Both the candidates and their guardians can watch the live streaming of the lottery program. But don’t worry about it if you can’t. The School lottery result will be updated through SMS to the guardians of the selected candidates.

The lottery result or the list of the selected candidates will also be published on the notice board, website, and Facebook page of the school. Students and guardians can check the result from there as well.

Gazipur Govt School Admission Lottery Result 2024

Once you have the admission result / lottery result in your hand, you are now eligible to complete the consequent procedures to get admitted to your preferred educational institution. Further instructions will come from the respective schools.

Let us inform you of one more thing. Among 3 govt schools in Gazipur metropolitan area, most of the students will be taken into class 6. The total vacancy for class 6 students is 840 and the students will be divided into two shifts.

  • Go To Website
  • Looking For Result Tab or Menu and Click
  • Provide Your Roll Number or Serial Number
  • Click Get Result button To Collect Result from Online

Another important thing about choosing the shift. Please be thoughtful when you are choosing the shift during the application process. Once you have selected your preferred shift, you can’t undo or change it during admission.

While you wait for the Gazipur govt school admission result, make sure you have all the documents ready in case you get selected in the lottery. We hope it will be a game-changer for you to get the chance to read in a renowned govt school.

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